EU-JAMRAI Publications and Results

Milestone 9.1 Gathering of national research priorities from at least five countries and gap identification 28/02/2019 View
DLHA Report Audiovisual project 'Don't Leave It Halfway' report 25/02/2019 View
Deliverable 7.1 Guidelines, tools and implementation methods for antibiotic stewardship 31/10/2018 View
Deliverable 6.1 Revised guidelines for the implementation of infection control programmes in healthcare settings 30/09/2018 View
SBCC Strategy EU-JAMRAI Awareness Raising and Communication Plan: "A Social Behaviour Change Communication strategy to tackle AMR and reduce HCAIs in Europe" 31/07/2018 View
Dissemination Plan Dissemination strategy to give visibility to the Joint Action progress and results 30/06/2018 View
Visual Identity EU-JAMRAI logo and brand identity toolkit providing user guidelines and rules 15/11/2017 View
EU-JAMRAI Brochure First brochure describing the mission and objectives of the Joint Action 12/04/2018 View