9 May, 2019

“EU-JAMRAI gathers all European member states & stakeholders involved in AMR”

EU-JAMRAI Coordinator Professor Marie-Cécile Ploy talks to bioMérieux during ECCMID 2019 and explains what the Joint Action is exactly and its objectives. EU-JAMRAI gathers all European […]
18 March, 2019

“It is important to explain to policy makers that AMR threatens global prosperity”

Jeremy Knox, policy and advocacy lead at the Wellcome Trust, chats with EU-JAMRAI about how we rely on antibiotics for treatments that we take for granted, the […]
3 December, 2018

“Animal health and environment are crucial and critical, and we need to put more effort on that”

Laura Marín is Head of Secretariat of the jpiamr project
3 September, 2018

“Antibiotics have been very easy to use and very easy to abuse”

Richard Bax is Senior Partner of TranScrip. He is a Pharmaceutical Physician with over 32 years of industry experience and expert in Infectious Diseases. “Antibiotics have […]
19 June, 2018

Antimicrobial stewardship programs are intended to help the prescribers to do their work better

Jesús Rodríguez Baño is the president of ESCMID (European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) and Professor of the Department of Medicine of the University […]
8 May, 2018

The use of last line antimicrobials is still a challenge

Diamantis Plachouras is a senior expert on Antimicrobial Resistance at the European Centre for Desease Prevention and Control. “The use of last line antimicrobials, especially in […]
6 February, 2018

Fostering sinergys to keep antibiotics working

Jean-Baptiste Rouffet is a Policy Advisor on European Affairs and a Member of the Joint Action on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare-Associated Infections (EU-JAMRAI) coordination team. “We […]
6 February, 2018

The little indestructible. Will they be the end?

Julia Encinas Núñez is the director of the documentary "Las Pequeñas Indestructibles" (The little indestructible) that was awared by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS).
6 February, 2018

Les antibiotiques sont souvent utilisés à tort

Lorsque les antibiotiques sont utilisés de façon répétée, massive ou lorsqu’ils sont mal utilisés (traitement trop court, trop long ou mal dosé), les bactéries développent des systèmes […]
2 February, 2018

Antibióticos: tómatelos en serio

The campaign “Antibiotics: take them seriously” has been developed as part of the actions of the National Plan against Resistance to Antibiotics (PRAN), promoted by the […]
2 February, 2018

Spanish National AMR Plan

The National Plan against Resistance to Antibiotics (PRAN) is promoted by the Ministries of Health and Agriculture and coordinated by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and […]
1 February, 2018

Antibiotics — handle with care

Antibiotics are often used to treat infections but they aren’t always the answer. Everybody has a role to play to help reduce antibiotic resistance. A short […]