EU-JAMRAI2 provides support to member states in the development of their National Action Plans and strengthens the responsiveness and coordination of health systems to protect people from AMR. This support includes helping Member States to progress towards an integrated One Health Surveillance on Antimicrobial Resistance.

Human health 


EU-JAMRAI2 work supports the national surveillance systems in the human sector, by carrying out actions like:


  • An inventory of the national surveillance systems available in the participants countries, as well as the work performed within different EU initiatives.
  • An investigation of the legal and information security aspects of data collection, storage and sharing related to antimicrobial residues and AMR surveillance.
  • A roadmap for national surveillance of phenotypic and genotypic resistance markers
  • Activities to reinforce genotypic surveillance programs in Member States.

Animal health


The EARS-Vet network was initiated during EU-JAMRAI I to enhance AMR surveillance in clinical pathogens of animals. This work continues and is being developed by:


  • Performing a joint data analysis of AMR in clinical pathogens of animals across the EU.
  • Writing a manual with methods, standards and indicators.
  • Performing Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) analysis of phenotypes of interest