Reports & Scientific publications

People-centred approach to tackling antimicrobial resistance: key principle of the Roadmap on antimicrobial resistance for the WHO European Region 2023–2030
World Health Organization | 2024

A review of antimicrobial resistance education for healthcare professionals across six countries of the European Union: Greece, Hungay, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, and Spain AMR EDUCare | 2024
Existing terminology related to antimicrobial resistance fails to evoke risk perceptions and be remembered University of Leicester, University College London, Ulster University | 2023
Bracing for Superbugs: Strengthening environmental action in the One Health response to antimicrobial resistance UN Environment Programme | 2023

AMR One Health Network. Top suggestions for AMR actions
AMR One Health Network | 2022

Nomen est omen: why we need to rename ‘antimicrobial resistance’ University of Leicester (UK) | 2020
Reframing resistance. How to communicate about antimicrobial resistance effectively Wellcome Trust | 2019