EU-JAMRAI2 aims to provide substantial assistance to Member States (MS) in the development and periodic updating of their National Action Plans (NAPs) on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). By offering direct and significant support, the initiative seeks to enhance the capacity of MS to effectively tackle AMR within their healthcare systems. Secondly, EU-JAMRAI2 endeavors to bolster the responsiveness and coordination of health systems across the Union, thereby safeguarding individuals from the threat of AMR. Through improved collaboration and streamlined efforts, the initiative aims to fortify the resilience of healthcare systems against the proliferation of drug-resistant infections.

One of the main objectives of EU-JAMRAI2 in this field is to improve access to selected AMR-related products both for human and veterinarian use:

High-priority products

EU-JAMRAI2 is working to identify products with vulnerable supply per country to drive its actions on evidence-based reports.

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Phenoximethylpenicillin benzatine (Human)
Cefadroxil (Human)
Aztreonam (Human)
Amikacin (Human)
Trimetoprim and Sulfamethoxazole (Human)
Oxytetracycline (Veterinary)

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*This list is not complete and more products will be added soon.


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Eravacycline (human)
Benzylpenicillin (human)
Phenoxymethylpenicillin (human)
Ceftaroline (human pediatric only)
Erythromycin (human)
Tobramycin (human)
Nitrofurantoin (human)
Fosfomycin (human)
Daptomycin (human)
Amphotericin B “liposomal” (human)

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Ampicillin (human and veterinay)
Pivmecillinam (human)
Benzylpenicillin (/procaine benzylpenicillin) (human and veterinary)
Phenoxymethylpenicillin (human and veterinary)
Flucloxacillin (human, pediatric)
Gentamicin (human and veterinary)
Nitrofurantoin (human)
Fosfomycin (human)
Rifampicin (human and veterinary)
Amoxicillin (veterinary)
Sulfadiazine, Trimethoprim (veterinary)
Fucidic acid (veterinary)

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Benzylpenicillin (human and veterinary)
Dicloxacillin (human)
Doxycycline (human)
Flucloxacillin (human pediatric only)
Gentamicin (human)
Phenoxymethylpenicillin (human)
Pivmecillinam (human)
Tuberculosis antibiotics (human)
Vaccines for salmon (veterinary)

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Amoxicillin (human)
Temocillin (human)
Phenoxymethylpenicillin (human)
Ceftibuten (human)
Trimethoprim, sulfamethoxazole (human)
Colistin (human)
Pivmecillinam (human)
Rifampicin (human)
Procaine benzylpenicillin (veterinary)
Trimethoprim, sulfadiazine (veterinary)

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Amoxicillin (Human)
Temocillin (Human)
Cefalexin (Human)
Amikacin (Human)
Cefazolin (Human)
Aztreonam (Human)
Co-trimoxazole (Human)
Clindamycin (Human)
Fosfomycin (Human)

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Targeted interventions

EU-JAMRAI2 identifies and supports the implementation of targeted interventions to improve selected narrow-spectrum alternatives or use relevant diagnostic tools, according to each national context.

Demand barriers

Through the collaboration of the participant countries, the Joint Action spots the demand barriers for these products, behavioral, financial or product-related

Supply barriers

In collaboration with EMA and other national medicine authorities, the participants in the Joint Action analyses supply-side barriers and interventions related to selected antibiotics and diagnostics.

New Products

Through extensive discussion forums, EU-JAMRAI2 evaluates the incentives for innovation and the potential implementation of a framework for alternative methods to antibiotics.