EU-JAMRAI called to action individuals from all over the world and organised a design contest to find the first global symbol that represents the threat of antibiotic resistance.

A symbol that anyone can make at home and everyone, anywere can wear proudly.

Here is the winning symbol!


    Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria are a global health threat and one of the biggest challenges we face, but a lot of people don't know about it. We need to change that!

    We were looking for a symbol:

  • Easy and cheap to reproduce by anyone, anywere
  • Convey the message of the antibiotic resistance global threat
  • Original and not based on any pre-existing design


  • >600.000 people reached
  • 600 applications
  • From 44 countries
  • 1 winner
Antibiotic Resistance Symbol


    David Ljungberg

    David Ljungberg is a Swedish Product Designer and Art Director working in the fields of medtech, energy and circular economy. With multiple awards for his work in advertising he now specializes in user-centered design that bridges the communication gap between science and the general public.



    "Although the issue itself is on a microbe level, the symbol itself has to represent something that the general public can relate to. Rather than being scientific showing microbes/phages it has to convey care, medicine and movement. Which is why the symbol is comprised of the iconic shape of a medicine capsule, the shape of a heart, and the shape of a bandaid (can also be read as an X or a cross). The heart tells us we need to care, the capsule sets the theme, and the bandaid tells us we need to fix it. Together they convey a strong message to rally behind, while keeping a very simplistic yet powerful shape". David Ljungberg




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Antibiotic Resistance Symbol