The major goal of this work area is to verify whether EU-JAMRAI is being implemented as planned, reaches its objectives and meets the needs of the target groups.


  • To develop, share and disseminate an Evaluation Plan based on defined indicators identifying specific responsibilities and time for completion.
  • To develop Evaluation Tools for data collection.
  • To perform interim and final evaluations, report results and share them with partners and stakeholders.
  • To develop a quality assessment.
  • To evaluate the impact of EU-JAMRAI in Europe at different levels:
    • Increase in the number of professionals with HCAI and AMR skills.
    • Availability of guidelines.
    • Increase in training initiatives for professionals.
    • Decrease in HCAI prevalence rate in the EU Member States participating in the Joint Action.
    • Decrease in prescriptions/consumption of antibiotics.
    • Lower rate of AMR in human and veterinary areas for one or more target microorganism.

WP3 Leaders

Istituto Superiore di Sanita (ISS), Italy

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