17 December, 2019

“We want to hand over the tools, thoughts, reflections & methods to take the EU forward over the next 10 years.”

Oliver Kacelnik, from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and Antonio López Navas, from the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, talk about their work to ensure the appropriate use of antimicrobials in humans and animals, as well as their expectations of the Joint Action.
12 December, 2019

“EUJAMRAI legacy will include awareness of using systematic implementation & continuous quality improvement.”

Lotta Edman, from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and Flora Kontopidou, from the Hellenic Centrefor Disease control and Prevention, tell us about their work reviewing, developing and implemeting policies for prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections.
10 December, 2019

“The legacy of EU-JAMRAI will be a big network with a real commitment to AMR.”

Desiree De Jong, from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, talks about their role implementing One Health national action plans for AMR, as well as her personal expectations for EU-JAMRAI.
5 December, 2019

“Working in networks & sharing experiences will become natural for #EUJAMRAI stakeholders & member states.”

Céline Pulcini and Jerome Weinbach, from the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tell us about what they do at EU-JAMRAI Sustainability Team and the role of the Joint Action's Stakeholder Forum.
3 December, 2019

“It is only by collaborating, discussing & confronting experiences and best practices that we can tackle #AMR.”

Annalisa Pantosti, from the Italian National Institute of Health, tell us about the role of the Evaluation team as well as their experience organising EU-JAMRAI's second General Assembly.
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